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"Don't think twice. You may not realise how much difference the academy will make to you until you are actually in it! Everyone will benefit in terms of growing awareness around their mindset, probably from a different perspective to anything they have experienced before. I have had many different types of excellent therapy, personal development courses and 1:1 coaching during 25+ years of my life and consider myself to be very self-aware. My work with Sam has touched in to areas of my mindset that I didn't know needed to be touched in to! It's been truly life changing."

Sue Tappenden
Coach & Mentor

"Sam is positive, encouraging and knowledgeable. She gives personal time and attention to each person in the Academy and guides you through each module in a clear and easy to digest way. She really makes things seem simple and achievable! There is such a sense of community with other like minded women with similar struggles! Just a few months into the Academy, I was much more self aware, I knew where my limiting beliefs were and felt I could get to grips with the tools and work I needed to do to break through! Having worked with Sam previously, I wanted to continue the work on my mindset - the money mindset stuff particularly resonated with me and I wanted to work on improving that and allowing myself to become more financially successful."

Amanda Paradine
Career Coach

"If you are struggling to truly step in to what you deserve, then Limitless is the course for you. Sam encourages you to dig deep in to your belief system in order to challenge the sh*t you are carrying around with you. It may not always be pleasant, or what you want to hear, but letting go of it feels so good. I can't recommend this course highly enough for allowing you to let go of the past and step in to the future. You deserve success. You are worthy. And this course will help you realise this."

Caroline Thompson

"I was more denial about money and mindset issues than I realised! I also knew I needed to make a shift to be more successful but knew I couldn't do it alone. Ive had some major realisations and shifts and making positive progress has given me the space to really gain a greater understanding of me and why I do what I do/am the way I am - limiting beliefs, money mindset etc. I would definitely recommend the course - its more mind opening than you ever expect and you see definite and positive shifts really quickly. The group is a very supportive structure as well."

Liese Lord
Chief Disruptor for Flexible working

"If you are prepared to put in the work and go deep into asking yourself some very challenging questions you will get so much personally out of the Academy. The academy has given me confidence in being me. Confidence in my own abilities. Courage to take some leaps of faith. Focus. Accountability. Self belief! It's helped me to get clear and honest on my money mindset! I really do recommend being on the calls live, you learn from hearing from your cohort colleagues and how Sam questions them and challenges them. And having the 1-2-1 experience with Sam for yourself and your own situation is also so incredibly valuable and powerful. Sam challenges you in a way that makes you go even deeper into your soul to uncover the real blockages. I love the hypnosis and the affirmations. I can't quite believe the power of listening to those has had on me or explain the positivity from them."

Elizabeth Platt
Life Coach
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