'I have been working with Sam Colclough as part of a group Mastermind coaching programme during 2018. We are currently halfway through the programme and I have been quite astounded by the positive impact that the sessions are having on me as a business owner and also on how I feel and am conducting my business. I started the programme with a little intrigue and scepticism if I am honest but am now convinced of the positive change Sam’s work creates as my mindset and confidence have been tangibly improved. Clients who know me well, friends and family have also commented on positive changes and confidence seen.


Sam has helped me secure an inner calm and focus - she has also been available for one-off occasions when support was requested and has become trusted by all of our group. Her sessions are enjoyable as well as enabling greater self-development.

Sam is professional, calming, grounded, a great listener reflects discussions well and is a positively focused coach. Her empathy, perspective and realism have been hugely supportive and invaluable.

I look forward to each weeks session!

Liese Lord, Liese Lord Consulting Ltd



 “Sam is a joy to work with, she is very knowledgeable about how the brain works and takes you through practical activities to help release blocks and grow your confidence. I was so impressed with Sam I commissioned her to work with my high-level mastermind group and she is already helping them transform their ways of thinking. She has helped them significantly with identifying and facing their fears and taking practical steps to overcome them, introducing new routines and habits that make them more effective/productive and has shown them new ways of thinking which have helped them become more confident”.

Ruth Kudzi, Ruth Kudzi Coaching Ltd 

“Working with Sam has been a real breakthrough for me. In times when I have felt paralysed by the magnitude of the challenges before me, the clarity which she has provided has been instrumental in getting me back on track. Sam’s invaluable insights about how our minds work have allowed me to face challenges in a whole new way. As someone with an academic background and as a lawyer attracted to logic, a practical and science-based approach has really made a difference in how I tackle my own stumbling blocks. My fears and weaknesses no longer feel like unsurmountable burdens; I understand them and with Sam’s shared knowledge can overcome them in a meaningful way and with an approach that marks a real and long-lasting change in my habits. The understanding and tools that Sam has given to me have already made a significant improvement in my mindset and productivity and I feel sure Sam’s help will accelerate my success both as a finance lawyer and a new business owner.”

 Kerry Gibbons, Solicitor, Partner and Co-Founder of The Happy Lawyers
I've been working with Sam on a small Mastermind programme for female entrepreneurs and I've found her to be extremely knowledgeable and confident. Her warm and open nature invited me to trust her immediately and she generously gave me her time between sessions when I had some extra questions. 

 What I find particularly strong with her online group programme is how the members have really bonded, even though we are scattered geographically. The strong connection and support from these ladies have been super helpful for my confidence (as I'm a new entrepreneur) and I'm looking forward to seeing how both the connection within the group, and my confidence, develop and strengthen as Sam's group programme continues. 

Kelly Campino Bradford, Career Coach 


"As a serial entrepreneur, I would often find that I would live my life at a hundred miles an hour and then struggle to switch off. Working with Sam has allowed me to really understand the power of the mind and the benefits of downtime and relaxation. Using Sam’s audios, I have found I am more relaxed, less stressed and as a result, my cognitive performance has improved. I’m able to approach any problems that are thrown my way in a calmer, more logical manner helping me in my businesses."

Danielle Canty, Director & Entrepreneur


"Sam and I have been working together for the last 4 months or so, I contacted her as I suffered from quite bad anxiety, constant fear of something going wrong and not much confidence in myself or in the things that I was doing, almost as soon as I started PLP hypnotherapy I felt everything lift off my shoulders, all my fears, everything that made me angry or upset, I managed to cope with them better. Sam is a very kind person and does not make you feel nervous or uncomfortable at all. I enjoyed reflecting on my week and sharing the positives with Sam instead of focusing on the negatives like what I used to do. Sam really motivates me to even look at the smallest positives as big deals. I wake up every day with a new positive outlook on the day and can complete more with my days since starting this process. It’s been an incredible journey!”


Frankie - Long term sufferer of Anxiety


"I can't thank Sam enough for the help she has given me and the encouragement and tools I now use to enable me to believe in myself. I would highly recommend Sam as a hypnotherapist if positive change is what you’re after."

Melissa - Mum of twins suffering from stress & overwhelm


 "I recently saw a Facebook post and decided to contact Sam. Having worked with her, I have to say it’s one of the best things I have ever done. My whole attitude has changed and my confidence has grown. I cannot recommend Sam enough she had genuinely changed my life. Give this lovely lady a chance to change your life I'm so glad I did.”


Nicola - Weight Loss 


"I have never thought about or taken part in hypnotherapy before and did not know if it would help, but remained open-minded. Having worked with Sam, I have to say she was fantastic! Week by week, I felt my confidence growing and she was able to bring out the positivity inside me and help me keep that on the surface. I felt completely at ease with Sam and genuinely believed she has helped me to become the best version of me." 


Kayleigh - Long term sufferer of Anxiety 


"After many years of stress and sleep issues, resulting in feeling constantly exhausted and irritable, I finally decided to do something about it. I decided to begin the process of hypnotherapy. Sam was a warm, friendly and extremely professional young lady who made me feel at ease straight away.


Over the course of the 8 weeks, I found myself starting to change, being able to relax and unwind for the first time in years which resulted in the first proper night's sleep I've had since I can remember! 

Sam has been inspiring in a calm, confident manner and thoroughly looked forward to our sessions. Everything started to fall back into place, it was almost like I’d been able to completely reorganise my way of thinking, as a result, I became more confident and life became easier. 

 With Sam’s help, we all have it within us to become the best versions of ourselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam and her therapy, it will change things for the better."


Cila Rendall - Mum of 2, Stress & Overwhelm 

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