Anxiety & Stress 

Anxiety is a normal primitive reaction in the brain to alert us to threat and causes a feeling of 'stress' in the mind and the body.  However, it is only useful if we are actually in danger.  If we are not, then this level of alertness and stress limits our rational perception to life and can be detrimental to our well being.


Is Stress limiting your life right now? 


Do you feel like you can't cope with situations and events in your life that you could previously?

If so, you may have what we call a full 'stress bucket', which is a metaphorical vessel in our brains indicating that it's time to relax and empty the bucket.


Do you feel under pressure? 


Do you feel that the small things in life are getting to you?  Has your level of tolerance gone down and irritability has gone up?  

If so, this suggests that your anxiety levels are too high and you may need to address things before they escalate.


Is panic attacking you? 


When we feel panic, this is the brain's last attempt to get you out of a perceived threatening situation.  

This is good if you are in real danger, but if you are not, this can be a very limiting place to find yourself.

Do you feel Paranoid? 

Paranoia is a very debilitating condition, stopping us from performing the simplest of tasks and limit our social interactions.

We are in danger of isolating ourselves into depression if we do not tackle this negative state of mind.


It seems like a lonely and unforgiving place to be.  The depressed brain is starved of positive chemicals and this literally restricts your ability to think clearly and resourcefully.


Do you feel hopeless? 


In the depressed brain the primitive part of the mind is much more active. This part of the brain is normally very negative and worst case scenario focused. This makes us feel hopeless and unable to see a way out.


Feel like you want to stay in bed? 


When we feel depressed, we want to put our life on pause and stop interacting with the rest of the world. We are much more tired and lacking in healthy energy. We just want to stay curled up in our duvets and shut ourselves away. 


Feeling helpless? 


Depression takes away our confidence and our ability to remain rational and positive about ourselves and our situations.  We feel so low and need some help to get us boosted and back on track again.


Cant see any positives? 


It's a very negative place to be. Our primitive and depressed mind is designed to focus on problems and be vigilantly looking out for danger. In this state of mind, we lose the ability to think clearly and intellectually.




A good level of Self Confidence and Self Esteem are extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives.  We all need a good and healthy level of confidence to be able to get through our day and ultimately our lives successfully.  It's a part of us that can get hidden under anxiety. 


Do you like looking in the mirror? 


Do you dread looking in the mirror and usually try and avoid it?  This is normal if you feel bad about yourself.  Using positive visualisations and hypnosis, your perception of yourself can change to a much more positive one.  


Are you always trying to make others happy? 


If this feeling is taking over, your anxiety levels will be on high alert in your daily life and you may not be getting the best out of yourself or the situations you find yourself in.  Hypnotherapy helps you put yourself first.


Do you fear the new? 


Feeling less adventurous and concerned about failure?  New experiences overwhelming for you?  This is because your brain wants to stay in it's comfort zone.  Hypnotherapy helps extend your comfort zone safely and steadily.


Prefer staying in? 


Are you reluctant to meet friends or go out like you used to?  Do you make excuses not to stand out?  Hypnotherapy can help you come out of the shell again and start to interact with life like you used to in a safe and supported way.





You tell us your goal or your plan and as we understand how the brain chemistry works, we help you identify your action steps and move towards the goal you have set.


Feeling overwhelmed? 


When your brain is not in its optimum state of clarity and resourcefulness, you may feel like you have too much to do, in too little time.  Hypnotherapy will help you identify and plan your goals and take the necessary steps forward, in bite-size chunks.


Putting stuff off? 


Procrastination is an indicator that your enthusiasm and motivation levels could do with a bit of a boost.  The brain releases a chemical called Dopamine when it's in the 'restful' trance, which helps with motivating us and getting things done.


Want to shine? 


Do you want to perform better?  Beat a record?  Win a title?  Train for a triathlon?  Improve your game of golf?  Whatever it is, we use a technique called an inner rehearsal, where the brain becomes familiar with the goal and knows how to move towards it.


Stay in your lane. 


Hypnotherapy sessions are very much tailored to you and your individual goal or purpose.  We, as Solution Focused Hypnotherapists know how to help you stay focused and keep on the right track that moves you forward with the goal you have set for yourself.


Love and connection are at the core of our emotional and mental wellbeing. A relationship that isn't thriving can have a detrimental effect on other areas of our lives. 


Do you feel connected right now? 


If you're feeling a loss of connection with loved ones, that is going to have a detrimental effect on the chemicals you produce and stop ypu from feeling, happy, confident and in control. 


Is confidence an issue for you? 


Are you holding back in your relationship with how you chose to see yourself right now? Confidence in ourselves and our abilities is crutially important for our growth. 


Are there stresses and strain within the relationship? 


Stress and emotional pull keep us operating within the primitive mind, that does a very good job at keeping us feeling anxious or low. 




Clarity & Focus 

Lack of clarity and focus can stop us in our tracks whether its the task at hand or thinking about our longer-term goals. It can leave you feeling frustrated and unaccomplished. 


Are struggling to do the simplest of things at the moment?


This can be a sign of stress and is your brain's way of switching off to not take any more 'stuff' on. This response isn't overly helpful when life has to continue


Visualisation is crucial for growth: 


Seeing our preferred future is really important to be able to set our objectives, so we can move forward positively. When we suffer from overwhelm and stress this can stop our dreaming which ultimately stunts growth. 







Weight Management 

Lose weight in the mind first, and then in the body. Diets simply don't work in the long term. Lose weight by taking control for good.


Our brain does not react well to the word 'diet'.  It feels threatened at a survival level.  So, it goes into a primitive phase of 'famine', so when we resume eating again, even if it is sensible, our body will store on to the fat in case we go into famine again.  Therefore, our weight yo-yo's.


Losing weight in the mind first:


The brain controls the body.  When we take intellectual control over our relationship with food and our lifestyle choices, these incremental changes have a positive effect on our bodies.  A fitter mind leads to a fitter body.


Mind over matter:


Hypnotherapy helps you focus on what you want to achieve and helps you remain motivated and solution driven to be able to move towards your wonderful goal of controlled weight loss in a steady and incremental way.


Pump the most important muscle: 


The brain learns new habits simply by repetition.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps you come up with new and improved habits and necessary changes of lifestyle that will contribute to a fitter and healthier you.


Then learn to relax: 


When the brain is in the trance state, it is 20 times more relaxed and releases two positive chemicals: serotonin and dopamine.  These chemicals help to remain confident and motivated to keep the weight off.




Sleeping is the brain's way of recharging the body and mind and while we REM, we process the stress of our day. 


Good sleep is crucial, 


Sleep is a biological necessity critical to your quality of life. It affects everything from your productivity to your health to your mood. While most of us assume that sleep hours cut into our productive hours, we are actually more productive with sufficient sleep!

We spend a third of our lives asleep, and while we are sleeping, our brain is subconsciously actively processing our stress, so it is crucial we get enough sleep.


Four stages of sleep 


Stage 1 - Just drifting down nicely, in that very light state that can cause us to jump if disturbed.

Stage 2 - Body is in preparation for Deep Sleep, heart rate decreases, and body temperature drops.

Stage 3 - Delta, in deep sleep. Most restful stage.

Stage 4 - Theta, also known as REM.  This is the Dreaming state - Deep sleep, where our brain is processing stress.


So why cant you sleep?


Some reasons are:

Stress and Anxiety


Brain over stimulation


Change in circumstances

Temperature Changes

Hormonal Imbalances

Over Tiredness


The damage of insomnia


The consequences of a poor night's sleep on a daily basis are higher stress levels, poor decision making, difficulty concentrating and irrational behaviour.

Sleep deprivation can also have serious negative long-term health consequences. Insomnia impacts the immune system.

Research suggests that sleep deprivation can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, increased risk of stroke, diabetes and depression.



Negative Patterns 

You know that nobody controls your mind apart from you!  If you remember this one simple fact, you can move yourself away from the trap of 'I should' or 'I ought to', and move towards 'I can' and 'I will'.

Our reality is shaped by the way we think.  What we think affects our behaviour, how we behave impacts what we experience and these experiences that make up our reality.  So, if we want to change our reality, we have to be able to change some aspects of how we think.


Getting the focus right. 


First of all we help you identify what it is that you would like to move towards. We are trained to get this vision clear in your mind, so your brain can hold this image as a focus in the forefront of your mind as a reminder of what you are working towards.


Habits & Loops 


Our brain can get stuck in old patterns and loops. These are habits. Once we start to identify and question the habits, then you will begin to move the habit from a default pattern of thinking into a choice, where you will be able to choose differently.


The Three P's


It's really quite simple. We need 3 things in our lives to keep us feeling calm, happy and balanced:


Positive Thought

Positive Activity

Positive Interaction


Staying on target 


Once we have identified the small action steps that you will be taking, each session will be a motivational drive to keep you aiming towards your planned outcome and these small steps will ensure you reach your ultimate target, or solution.



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